Comprised of Pr Françoise Forette, Geriatrics, Paris, Pr Michel Safar, Hypertension, Paris, Pr Abraham Aviv, Biology of Aging, New Jersey, USA, all clinicians and researchers in the field of cardiovascular ageing from other national and international centers, the SAB will provide consultative advice on the global strategy of the department and on the obtained results. The SAB will meet at the annual meeting.

francoise forette  

Pr. Françoise Forette

Pr. Françoise Forette is Emeritus Professor of Geriatrics at the University Paris Descartes, Paris. Pr Forette is a world wide leading geriatrician, hypertension specialist and clinical trialist.



michel safar  

Pr Michel Safar

Pr Michel Safar is Emeritus Professor of Nephrology at the University of Paris Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.  Pr Safar is an International opinion leader in hypertension and vascular aging.

abraham aviv  

Pr. Abraham Aviv

Pr. Abraham Aviv directs the Center of Human Development and Aging at the New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers. Dr. Aviv is a leading human telomere biologist with interest in the role of telomeres in cardiovascular disease and longevity.


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