The proposed governance structure and composition of FHU-CARTAGE is represented in the scheme below:


The governance has been designed such as to limit the number of meetings while defining a functional approach in order to maximize governance efficiency. It has been organized in 3 major functions: take strategic decisions, promote and coordinate integration at the operational level, reach the proposed objectives. This is reflected in the proposed governing bodies:
Governing bodies

  1. Director: Professor Athanase Benetos has been appointed chair of the executive board. He is the warrant of the implementation of the overall FHU strategy.
  2. Executive Board: The executive board administers and monitors the strategic orientation of CARTAGE in association with the various partners. It selects priority projects and manages their successful implementation. It takes advice from the external scientific advisory board. It is composed by the leaders of the 5 WP of this FHU, three researchers, one representative of each major participating institution, and one representative of patients' associations. The executive Board will meet twice a year, one of these meetings being in conjunction with the General Assembly of the FHU.
  3. Scientific Advisory Board: Comprised of Pr Françoise Forette, Geriatrics, Paris, Pr Michel Safar, Hypertension, Paris, Pr Abraham Aviv, Biology of Aging, New Jersey, USA, all clinicians and researchers in the field of cardiovascular ageing from other national and international centers, the SAB will provide consultative advice on the global strategy of the department and on the obtained results.

    The SAB will meet at the annual meeting.

    Operational bodies
  4. Operational coordination: Five operational coordination workgroups will gather the WP leaders and coordination teams for each clinical, translational research and training components. Their role will be to monitor the coordination between the WP under their supervision and propose transversal actions such as standardization of processes, transversal training, etc… They will propose projects and actions to the Executive board to strengthen the structure of the FHU and its possible developments.

    Leaders will meet on a quarterly basis.
  5. Workpackages: Each WP leader ensures that the participants in the Consortium are following the tasks planned in the objectives of the FHU. The WP leaders will monitor and report the progress and deliverables of their WP to the Executive Board. The WP leaders will be assisted by a coordination team to carry out the operational coordination and improve the integration and joint projects at the FHU level between the partners involved in the WP. WP will meet as often as deemed necessary for conducting the WP tasks.


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