CARTAGE 5-year objectives

FHU-CARTAGE has been designed around 5 main goals:

  • Propose individualized diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for the management of CV diseases. This approach is the combination of two complementary concepts: (i) biomarker-guided personalized medicine and (ii) holistic management of the individual taking into account his/her biological age, frailty and life expectancy.
  • Strengthen the visibility and attractiveness of the Lorraine Region in the field of cardiovascular ageing and support a strategy to integrate clinical educational and research activities around this theme.
  • Promote translational research by providing a continuum from basic research to care, through clinical research. The proposed bench to bedside strategy would thus allow a faster transfer of research results to the patients.
  • Propose a vast program of education and information on the fundamental and clinical aspects of cardiovascular ageing and its complications. In CARTAGE, we propose to implement training and specific teaching curses specially aimed at forming medical students and young physicians with regard to innovative approaches so as to accelerate the development of research and its dissemination in daily medical practice.
  • CARTAGE intends to increase the sources of public and private funding (including European, local, national, industrial or charity funding, etc.) to support the dynamics of research in cardiovascular ageing, the implementation of care programs and teaching.

To reach these five goals and durably federate its participants, CARTAGE will install a joint translational research program for cardiovascular ageing articulated around five major activities: care, pathophysiology, translational research, dissemination and training.


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