Biomarkers Cohorts or projects PI
Biological markers       
Biochip for patients at risk of HF HOMAGE
F. Zannad
RNA in circulating cells to predict HF onset STANISLAS
C. Branlant
Genetic variants to predict CV disease onset S. Visvikis-
Profibrotic pathways in myocardial fibrosis FP7-FIBROTARGET
Acute-heart failure biomarkers FROG ICU / GREAT Zannad
A. Mebazaa
Sepsis shock biomarkers   S. Gibot
Cardiogenic shock   B. Levy
Mineralo-corticoid receptor–related biomarkers
and targets
F. Jaisser
Telomere length as a biomarker of arterial ageing
TELARTA A. Benetos
Methylation pattern changes, epistaticphenomena and gene-environment interactions FP7-INTELLIGENCIA S. Visvikis-Siest
 Bio-Imaging      MRI, PET and echocardiograhic imaging platforms dedicated to humans and animals Adelahyde 2, FICTEP PY Marie
combined MRI sequences with an original adaptive recording system (GRICS)   J. Felblinger
MRI-guided electrophysiology mapping techniques   J. Felblinger
new PET tracers based on peptides of interest and on original 18F-labeling techniques   PY Marie
New approaches to evaluate arterial ageing and its links with neurodegenerative process Adelahyde 2 A. Benetos
New devices with clinical interest for the assessment of arterial stiffness in the very elderly PHRC PARTAGE
A. Benetos
Other Modelization: “multidimensional information” and extraction of comprehensive information from international databases. « Handle your heart »
(telemedicine loop)
E. Albuisson


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