CARTAGE capitalizes on a unique multidisciplinary expertise that has been progressively built in Nancy. Over the last 20 years, Nancy has acquired a very high level of expertise and leadership in clinical and experimental CV research, bio-clocks and Omics research, innovative CV medical imaging technologies, biostatistics, clinical care, innovative disease management programs, multidisciplinary integrated care systems and organization of international scientific meetings. Several of our clinical studies have contributed in changing practices worldwide in several diseases and clinical situations: use of 4 mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists in heart failure (1), role of pulse pressure and arterial stiffness (2). 

In the same perspective, we are now leading large scale RCTs on (i) barostimulation in resistant hypertension, (ii) therapeutic strategies in hemodialysis, (iii) down-titration of antihypertensive therapy in overtreated old frail individuals and (iv) biomarker-based prevention of HF. In addition, the participating groups in this consortium have developed multiple collaborations in the past at the clinical, educational and research domains. This context is timely and highly favorable for establishing a high profile multidisciplinary and integrative FHU program gathering a significant number of scientists and medical specialists, as well as research networks of excellence coordinated from Nancy. FHU-CARTAGE will be supported by a number of grants obtained at the national and international level (6 European Framework projects, 6 ANR, 9 PHRC, 1 PRME) and corresponding to a global funding in excess of 35 million euros. It will use a number of dedicated experimental models and readily available/accessible or on-going cohorts and databases in cardiovascular ageing research (a total of 50,000 participants. (Existing cohorts and trial databases and associated biosamples available in CARTAGE)

CARTAGE program is also in phase with the main research orientation of the University Hospital aimed at ageing diseases and, as such, will also benefit from dedicated resources (translational research contracts for scientists, study grants, post-doctoral contracts with further strong collaborations with the other ageing-related FHU-program (ARRIMAGE) submitted by Nancy at the present call for proposal.

This program, based on the expertise and the results of the research conducted over the last years by the different partners of this project, proposes the development of novel “evidence-based”, multidisciplinary, personalized management of age-related CV diseases, mainly heart failure and vascular ageing-related diseases.


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