Added value at the local level

A- Coordination in the management of patients with CV diseases:

The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Nancy and the Centre Hospitalier Regional (CHR) de Metz, situated in Lorraine, the region in France with the highest prevalence of cardiovascular risk, are key players in cardiovascular and ageing care and research not only locally but also at the national level. The clinical departments of the Nancy CHU involved in CARTAGE represent, in terms of clinical care (data 2013), a total of 33,435 hospital admissions (16,210 hospitalizations >24 hours and 17,225 day hospitalizations). Among these, 46.4% involved patients over 65 years old.

During the same year, CARTAGE partners also performed in the Nancy CHU over 52,000 outpatient consultations, 3,294 cardiovascular surgical operations (equally divided between cardiac and vascular operations), 2,214 coronary angiographies and 1,474 interventional cardiology procedures in a largely shared technical support platform. In addition, the CHR Metz-Thionville has conducted 4010 patients’ admission including 825 in daycare for a total of 1654 consultations.

The Nancy CARTAGE major contributors are also well represented in Clinical Research (Data SIGREC/SIGAPS):

Clinical Trial
Sponsor SIGREC

Inclusion Sponsor

Clinical Trial



 90,00  215,91  5  155,26 12 746
 12% of CHU Score  8% of CHU Score  5% of CHU Score  10% of CHU Score (2009 – 2014)

In term of research, the groups involved in CARTAGE are all ranked A or A+ by the AERES.

B- Reinforcement of translational approaches between basic research, translational research and clinical care in order to develop innovating clinical care:

The translational research will benefit from the Nancy Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC), a unique structure created by Inserm, Nancy CHU and the University of Lorraine. It is one of the 2 CICs in France organized around 3 modules: multidisciplinary (P), epidemiology (EC) and innovative technology (IT).
The CIC has been the heart of numerous translational projects since its creation and is regularly rated A+ by the AERES. It is dealing with telemedicine applications, the numerous cohorts and the research groups which, in CARTAGE, will potentialize the:

  • Use of new biomarkers to achieve a biomarker-guided personalized medicine in cardiovascular ageing
  • Design and running of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) to achieve the highest level of evidence
  • Creation of new multi-disciplinary units for the evaluation of cardiovascular ageing and cardiogeriatric assessment.

C- Establish a crosstalk along the value chain between all actors involved in Cardiovascular ageing in Lorraine and beyond:

The Lorraine region has been able to create a genuine ecosystem around cardiovascular expertise linking basic research, clinical research and SMEs (CardioRenal diagnosticS, Healthis, InnoTrem) actively encompassing this theme. This ecosystem notably covers telemedicine applications, targeted drug development and diagnostics companies. The interaction with academia is critical in order to support a durable development of these companies. CARTAGE aims at constituting a conduit to:

  • Install a network thanks to the 4 thematics from care to application through education
  • Bolster dialogue and exchanges between the components of the FHU
  • Establish durable long-term synergies in translational research
  • Link the translational research with the company ecosystem (innovative technology and “Silver economy”) established in the Lorraine region and beyond. 

D- Engage an education and training course on cardiovascular ageing.

The important potential presented in the region on cardiovascular ageing remains fragile if it is not supported by specific training of its future leaders. CARTAGE can rely on several Masters (ISSM, SVS) and Doctoral School BioSe to support the development of this specific training. The participants in CARTAGE will thus:

  • Offer high quality training based on a recognized expertise.
  • Contribute to the promotion of the cardiovascular ageing field in young clinicians and researchers, but also as part of nursing training.
  • Establish the Lorraine region as the center of this field by proposing a full integration with curses directly linked with the ecosystem: from bench to bedside.
  • Establish Nancy as an important crossroad in cardiovascular ageing by organizing dedicated international workshops on cardiovascular ageing.

Added value at the (inter)national level

A leading structure at the national and international level in the field of the management of cardiovascular ageing and age-related CV diseases

  • Participation in the preparation of guidelines
  • Organization and coordination of large, excellence research networks running RCTs and epidemiological studies
  • Organization of international colloquiums in Nancy


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