FHU-CARTAGE Consortium is composed of 30 groups of research, clinical, and technological groups of the University Hospital of Nancy and of the Lorraine University and 5 associated academic groups from Strasbourg and Paris areas. This FHU is thus based on several research units working in the field of ageing from the biological, epidemiological and technological perspective, a strong Clinical Investigation Center and 3 groups of clinical academic dpts: Geriatric, Cardiology and “comorbidities”.

The main objective of the FHU-CARTAGE is to fully integrate the concept of the “ageing process” in order to elaborate innovative patient-centered strategies for the prevention, monitoring and treatment of age-related CV diseases. This involves the further development of not only specific programs of basic, translational and clinical research, but also of implementation and dissemination programs including innovative disease management programs and dedicated training plans.


FHU-CARTAGE has been designed around 5 main goals:

  • Propose individualized diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for the management of CV diseases based on both (i) biomarker-guided personalized medicine, and (ii) holistic management of the individual taking into account his/her biological age, frailty and life expectancy
  • Strengthen the visibility and attractiveness of the Lorraine Region on the topic of the cardiovascular ageing and support a strategy to integrate clinicians and researchers activity around this theme.
  • Promote translational research by providing a continuum from the basic research to the care, through the clinical research.
  • Propose a vast program of education and information on the fundamental and clinical aspects of the cardiovascular ageing and its complications.
  • CARTAGE intends to increase the sources of public and private funding to support the dynamics of research in cardiovascular ageing, the set-up of care programs and teaching.


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