The main research areas of the team

Clinical cardiologists, EMS providers, geriatric specialists, cardiac insufficiency resuscitation experts and/ or rhythm disorder experts, expert fundamental researchers in cardiac remodelling in heart failure, expert pharmacist-biologists in the detection of biomarkers (all connected to the Clinical Research Unit (URC) and the Biological Resource Centre (CRB) of the site) are brought together by the research theme of the team, which is to:
  1. Identify single or multiple diagnostic markers and/or predictive of risk of progression (death, heart failure, rhythm disorders) in cardiac insufficiency or rhythm disorders, tested both in animals and patients and study pathways of the production or action of these markers in experimental models.
  2. Validate these identified biomarkers of interest and compare them with those currently used clinically (especially in cardiac imaging, physiological effort tests), on our single or multicentre cohorts of patients perfectly phenotyped with acute or chronic cardiac insufficiency or with serious rhythm disorders.

This research topic involves techniques related to biochemistry, physiology, and immunology, analysis of electrical signals or imaging


INSERM Unité mixte de recherche 942

Hôpital Lariboisière
(Bâtiment Viggo Petersen)
41, boulevard de la Chapelle
75475 Paris Cedex 10

33 942 


  • 2015
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  • 2014
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