Thematic areas

Our unit is organized in 2 teams one entitled “Hypercoagulability, arterial stiffness and ageing” and the other “Shock, heart failure: cardiovascular mechanisms and treatment”.
The project of Team 1 is centred on the study of vascular stiffening and hypercoagulable phenotypes as well as on telomere dynamics and inflammation in arterial ageing.
The projects of Team 2 are centred on the 
response to acute injury or on the chronic transition to heart failure and their consequences on cardiac and vascular function, and on the study of treatments which may modulate this response or transition. The therapeutic application aims at providing the physician with markers which can help not only to stratify risks but also to determine their nature in order to select therapeutic strategies based on mechanistic biomarker profiles (bio-targets). 
INSERM U1116 P. Lacolley


Faculté de Médecine
9 avenue de la forêt de Haye
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54505 Vandoeuvre les Nancy Cedex

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